Connor prepares to wreak his revenge against an unknowing Angel for the death of Holtz. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Groo part company, as they both realise it's Angel she really has feelings for. Lorne's off too, to develop his singing career in Las Vegas.
After the gang fend off a commando attack from Wolfram and Hart operatives at a drive-in movie theatre, Cordy receives a vision of herself. Taking it as a sign she should confess her feelings to Angel, Cordy arranges to meet the vampire at the Point Dume beauty spot.
She never arrives. Intercepted by Skip, Cordy is told the Powers That Be have decided the time has come for her to ascend to a higher plane of existence.
Waiting for Cordy at the Point, Angel is ambushed by Connor. With Justine's help, Connor condemns his father to an eternity trapped in a metal box at the bottom of the ocean.

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