Deep Down

Angel, Cordelia, Connor, Fred, Wes, Gunn and Lorne all enjoy a nice meal, celebrating their reunion. As Angel leans over to kiss Cordy, the picture falls apart and he realises that he is still trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Back on the surface, Fred and Gunn keep up with the good fight, helped by... Connor. For the past three months they have been struggling to find Angel and Cordy and pay the bills? while Connor does everything he can to hide his tracks and throw them off.
In another hallucination, Angel imagines what may have happened if he'd met Cordy that night, but soon remembers what happened and that Connor is responsible for what happened to him. At the hotel, there is obvious tension between Fred and Gunn - over Connor, the vampire hunt and Wesley.
Wesley and Lilah continue to see each other and Lilah tries to get some information from him about Angel. He claims to know nothing - and to not even care, but when she leaves, we find out he has captured Justine and locked her in his closet and has forced her to tell him where Angel is. At sea, Justine tries to break him down by telling him no one will forgive him, even if he brings Angel back, but Wesley responds that it's not why he's doing it.
Wes has finally located Angel and brings him back up to the surface. Angel is weak and Wesley knows that he needs human blood to live and cuts his own arm open. At Wolfram & Hart, Lilah fins herself in some hot water as her relationship with Welsey is exposed and her past failiures put in the spotlight. But she manges to turn things around - and get a promotion.
At the hotel, Fred and Gunn find out that Wes saved Angel and are furious to find out that Connor was responsible. Wes brings Angel back and he has a heart to heart with Connor, making sure that he didn't do anything to Cordelia and then tells him to leave his house.
Up in the sky, Cordy is bored out of her mind.

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