The House Always Wins

Upset and worried at Lorne's failure to contact them since he left for Vegas, Angel and the gang go to visit him. Once there, they watch his floor show, but can't get to speak to him.
In his dressing room, Lorne is forced to give the names of people in the audience to a gangster, Lee. Later, in the casino, each person he picks is given a token for a game which robs them of their destiny, and fixates them on gambling. Angel, bothering the management, is picked too.
While he plays the slots, Fred and Gunn try to escape with Lorne, who they've rescued. Cornered and brought before Lee, it looks like the game is up, until a divine intervention by Cordelia causes Angel to hit the jackpot. Brought up to collect his winnings, he suddenly hits out and destroys a glowing ball, releasing all the trapped destinies.

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