Wesley fetches a shaman who can remove Angel's soul, but during the ritual he attacks Angel and is killed. Just then, Cordelia has a vision of a mystical blade which can defeat the Beast.
After braving booby-trapped passages, Angel acquires the sword. He learns from Fred's research that must pierce the Beast's skull with the sword to restore the sun - only he can do it as the resulting energy would kill a human.
He is nearly defeated in the ensuing fight, but succeeds with Connor's help. The two share a moment of understanding, and Connor conceeds that Cordelia is not for him. Joyful at the sun's return, Angel and Cordelia fall into each other's arms.
Just for a moment, Angel experiences perfect bliss. As his soul departs, all that has happened is revealed as a dream - the product of the shaman's ritual. Angelus is back.

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