As he takes his teeth from Faith's neck, Angelus cries out in horror, realising she's drugged him by injecting herself with the mystic narcotic orpheus. He collapses into unconsciousness.
He and Faith are taken back to the hotel, and Angelus is locked up again. Just as Connor gets set to kill him, Willow walks in - there at Fred's request as the only person they know who's ever restored a vampire's soul.
While Willow, Fred and Wesley work on the spell, hindered surreptitiously by Cordelia, Faith and Angelus take a walk through Angel's memories, linked by the drug they share. Only the resurgence of Angel's personality saves Faith from a psychic death.
Angel's soul restored, and Faith recovered from her ordeal, all seems well once more. Until a very pregnant Cordelia walks into the hotel lobby.

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