Inside Out

Angel confronts Cordelia, but before he can interrogate her, she escapes with Connor's help. Hiding in an abandoned building, she tells him that he must help her with a ritual to let their baby be born now, before the others find them.
Angel seeks out Skip in his search for answers. It soon becomes clear that the big demon is not so friendly after all and in fact arranged for Cordelia's ascension to a higher plane in order that she could bring back something - the pregnancy - on her return.
At Cordelia's bidding, Connor captures a virgin and sacrifices her, despite the urgings of the ghost of his mother, Darla. As Cordelia's labour begins, Angel bursts in. He is fighting his way past Connor to kill Cordelia when a light envelops them both.
Looking up to strike, Angel sees a beautiful, naked woman. Both he and Connor kneel in awe.

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