Shiny Happy People

Angel and Connor return to the hotel with the woman. Like them, everyone becomes worshipful as soon as they see her. They have Cordelia, but she is comatose.
At her bidding, they set out on a mission to destroy all evil creatures. Whilst fighting a group of vampires in a bowling alley, the woman is cut, but she follows the pursuit of the vamps into a group of people outside. They all immediately bow down to her, bar one who attacks, but is viciously dealt with by Angel.
Back at the hotel, Fred desperately tries to wash the blood from the shirt the woman was wearing during the attack. She offers a replacement, but when she looks at the woman's face, it has become a horrific, maggot-ridden visage.
Fred finds the earlier attacker, who tells her he must destroy the woman. She tries to do so at the hotel, but is thwarted by the rest of Angel Investigations. Fleeing, her isolation is brought home to her when the woman, now named Jasmine, appears on a TV. All around Fred, people bow their heads in wonder.

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