The Magic Bullet

All over LA, waves of love for Jasmine and peace with one another are spreading through the population. Fred, meanwhile, is hiding from Jasmine's followers, any one of whom Jasmine can act through.
An attack by a demon gives Fred a realisation, which she puts into practice when Jasmine, Angel and the rest track her down in a bookshop. She shoots Jasmine, the bullet passing through and into Angel.
As he is about to kill her, he looks at Jasmine, to see the same horror as Fred. The two escape, and plan how to bring others round.
Realising Jasmine's blood is the key, and that Cordelia must share it, they return to the hotel. There they infect each Angel Investigation member with Cordelia's blood, drained from her as she lies in her coma. Each returns to normal, except Connor, who calls down Jasmine's followers onto them.

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