Fleeing from Jasmine and Connor, Angel and gang end up hiding out in the sewers. There they meet some of Gunn's old crew, who have no idea what's happening on the surface.
Angel and the others try to help them fend off a creature which has been picking them off, but when Angel's vampiric nature is revealed, they turn on him. Wesley, in the meantime, has been captured by a clicking, insectiod demon, which is busy building a spell from flesh
Jasmine continues to search for the gang. Her last obstacle falls when one of the crew from the sewers wanders into the sun and is taken back by Gunn - having somehow experienced Jasmine in the meantime.
Angel tracks down Wesley and rescues him. As Jasmine's followers close in, Wesley tells him what he has learnt. The demon was from another dimension which also knew Jasmine - and the secret name which will end her power. Angel crosses through a portal left by the demon to go in search of the name as the others are taken prisoner by Jasmine.

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