Peace Out

Fred, Gunn, Lorne and Wesley are taken to the hotel, and locked into the cage built to hold Angelus. They talk with Connor, discovering that he never saw Jasmine as anything other than horrific - but didn't care. Unsettled by their words, he goes in search of Cordelia.
In a demon dimension, Angel climbs to a temple, where he beats out of a priest the knowledge that Jasmine's true name is kept by a much larger demon, which will only reveal it with its last breath. Angel turns to fight the creature.
In the hotel lobby, Jasmine is about to spread her love - and dominion - across the world by means of a satellite link up. It's broken up as Angel appears with a demon's head, which croaks out her name. Suddenly, everyone can see Jasmine clearly, and panics.
Out in the street, Jasmine accuses Angel of destroying the world's one chance for peace, then attacks him. Nearly beaten, he's saved by the arrival of Connor, who tells Jasmine he still loves her, before killing her.
Angel arrives back at the hotel to find the rest of the gang in shock. They have a very unexpected visitor - Lilah.

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