Lilah, back from hell with a message, tells the incredulous Angel Investigations members that Wolfram and Hart's Los Angeles office is theirs. Though chary of the deal, they all take a tour, in the hope of discovering some lead as to Connor and Cordelia's whereabouts.
Once there, each member is given their own private tour. Labs for Fred, entertainment division for Lorne, library for Wesley and the White Room with a panther for Gunn.
Angel is shown 'his' office. There, on a surveillance screen, he sees Connor, holding a shopful of people hostage. The sight prompts him to agree a deal with Lilah, and he sets off to stop his son.
In a tense confrontation, Connor tells Angel that he has never had the love he needs, and only death is true. Angel replies that he will prove his love, then strikes him down.
Back at Wolfram and Hart, everyone agrees to take on Lilah's deal. Angel asks to see Connor one last time, confusing the others who don't even know the name.
Angel watches Connor, past life forgotten, happily eat a meal with another family - a family that can give him the love he needs. The vampire turns away from him for the last time.

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