Birthday Debacle

17th Birthday

season 2 - Innocence/Surprise
As Buffy's 17th birthday approaches, her friends organise a surprise party at the Bronze. Spike & Dru are also organising a party, where they plan to bring back to life an ancient demon, the Judge, who has the power to kill anything 'good' simply with his mind. He is virtually un-killable. Hundreds of years ago, an army managed to dismember him and spread his body parts all over the world.
Spike and Drusilla have apparently found all the parts and assemble the Judge under Buffy and Angel's eyes. They almost get killed, but manage to escape and end up making love at Angel's appartment.
As Buffy sleeps, Angel wakes up in pain and runs outside where he kills a woman. He later joins SPike and Dru, claiming that he is back!
Buffy wakes up, alone and worried. She meets up with others and tells him that the Judge is alive and that Angel has diappeared. He shows up at the school and attacks Willow. Buffy arrives and realises that he's gone bad.
The gang thinks up a plan to defeat the Judge and track him down to blow him up. As they collect the various body parts, Buffy fights Angel, but is unable to kill him.

18th Birthday

season 3 - Helpless
Given the incidents of her previous birthday, Buffy doesn't want to hear anything about a party. As the big day approaches, Buffy starts to weaken and fears shes loosing her powers. She tries to talk to Giles about it, but he seems pretty unconcerned.
The truth is, he knows exactly what's going on. On the Council's orders, he is drugging her, to make her powers disappear to test her Slayer abilities. Every Slayer that reaches the age of 18 must pass the Cruciamentum, a test where she must defeat a powerful vampire in a small closed space.
Disagreeing with this ancient trial, Giles tells Buffy's what's to come, breaking the rules and getting himself fired from the Council.

19th Birthday

season 4 - A New Man
As the gang throws Buffy a surprise party, Giles realises that everyone has grown up and don't seem to need him that much anymore. He runs into his old friend/fiend Ethan Rayne who curses him and the next morning Giles wakes up transformed into a demon.
With Buffy & The Initiative after him, Giles has no choice but to turn to Spike for help.

20th Birthday

eason 5 - Blood Ties
Preoccupied by Glory and Dawn, Buffy shows little intrest in her upcoming birthday. Everyone is uneasy with dawn and she noses around ttrying to find out why. The gang meets up at Buffy's house, where Joyce has organised a little party. Dawn feels excluded and slips out. She runs into Spike, who's waiting outside and she tells him she wants to break into the Magic Box and he offers to go with her, to protect her.
They enter and find Giles's notebooks, where he details the Key and who it it, Dawn. She returns home and cuts her arm open with a knife, before entering the lounge. Everyone gasps as she demands to know if she's real.

21st Birthday

season 6 - Older and Far Away
For her first birthday without her mother, Buffy plans a small party. Xander and Anya bring a 'friend', Richard, and plan to set him up with Buffy. Spike shows up, univited, with Clem. The party kicks off, but is a little tensed but nobody seems to want to leave. As the evening becomes the night, and the night becomes the morning, they start to realise they can't leave the house.
The athmosphere gets more and more tensed and the gang tries to find a solution. Tara tries magic, but just ends up freeing a demon in the house. The demon attacks them several times and everyone starts to freak out. They soon figure that Dawn made a wish in front of Halfrek, the vengeance demon, wanting everyone to be round her more. Anya calls Hallie and tries to convince her to break the spell, she refuses until she realises that she is now also stuck in the house.