Body Switching

The Witch

Buffy decides to take part in the HS cheerleading tryouts. There, she meets another girl, Amy. Buffy finds her behaviour a little strnage and when weird things start happening to the girls that made it onto the squad, the gang starts to suspect Amy's a witch. As they try to talk to her mom, Buffy realises she's atually talking to Amy. Her mother is the withc and switched bodies with ehr daughter in order to relive her glory days as a top cheerleader, but since things weren't going as well as she hoped, she attacked the toher girls.
Giles manages to break the curse and put Amy back into her rightful bodie. Catherine, Amy's mom, is furious and tried to curse Buffy, who reflects the spell using a mirror, leading Catherine to disappear.

This Year's Girl / Who Are You

Eight months after her battle with Buffy, faith wakes up in Sunnydale hospital. Confused, she soon finds out that the Mayor is dead, but he left her a girft.
Faith, still a raving lunatic, attacks Buffy's home and the two Slayers engage in a violent fight. Faith is holding a strage metal object and as she joins hands with Buffy a green light flashes. Faith is stunned, leaving Buffy the opportunity to knock her out. As the police take Faith away, Buffy starts acting strange. In fact, she isn't Buffy. Faith used some magic to switch bodies with her enemy. And while Buffy is taken under Council custody, Faith is out partying in Buffy's body. She runs into Willow who introduces her to Tara and the witch immediately senses somethings isn't right. She helps Willow perform a spell and they realise what happened.
In the meantime, the coucil guys are planning to kill Buffy, but she manages to escape and heads to Giles' appartment. He is quite scared seeing her, thinking it's Faith. As Buffy tries to convince him, Willow & Tara rush in, with a stone that will revert the spell. They track Faith down to a local church and the two Slayers fight once again, this time, as they switch bodies, Buffy gets the upperhand and Faith flees.
Buffy is glad to have her body back until she realises that Faith made the most of being her to sleep with her boyfriend, Riley.