When She Was Bad

Buffy returns from spending summer vacation with her father. Willow and Xander are relieved at first, as the summer has been exceedingly dull, though Buffy returns just in time to save the pair from a vampire - the first such they've seen since the Master was killed. The relief turns to concern, however, as Buffy is withdrawn, snappish, a little too eager to continue her training, and more rude to Cordelia than even she deserves. She also has a nightmare about Giles attacking her while Willow and Xander calmly look on.

When the master's buried bones go missing, everyone is concerned. Giles learns of a revivification rite that requires those closest to the Master when he died. It turns out to be a bad translation from Sumerian to Latin, and by the time he realises it means nearest, he and Willow are taken, along with Cordelia and jenny, all of whom were next to the Master when he was impaled. Buffy, Xander and Angel must stop the Anointed One and his new deputy, Absalom, from completing the ceremony.

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