Some Assembly Required

After Buffy slays a newly minted vampire in the graveyard, she and Angel find that a body has been dug up and removed from its grave. The body belonged to a student fro another school - a girl who was killed in a car crash with two fellow cheerleaders. The gang digs up one of the other graves to find that body missing as well. Meanwhile, Angel, while looking for Buffy, sees Cordelia in the parking lot, and they both stumble across body parts that turn out to belong to the three dead girls - but not enough parts for three whole girls. And all three heads are present.

It turns out that Chris Epps - the Science Club prize student - and his friend Eric are trying to pull a Victor Frankenstein and create life from lifelessness. A disgusted Buffy tries to stop them and soon learns that the Frankenstein analogy is closer to the mark than she though: Chris had already brought his football jock brother Daryl back from the dead, albeit in a hideous form, and has now promised to give him a companion. But they need a freshly killed head to complete the body, and so they're going after Cordelia...

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