Inca Mummy Girl

Sunnydale's exchange program brings students from all over the world to the school, and Joyce Summers is among the parents who volunteered to house the foreign kids. Buffy is not relishing the thought of sharing her house - nor is Xander when he learns that Ampata Gutierrez from South America is a boy.
After a field trip to a local museum, a young student tries to steal the seal on an Incan princess's mummified remains, and breaks it. This awakens the mummy, allowing her to drain the life, first from her would-be grave robber, then from Ampata, who is waiting for the late Buffy to pick him up at the bus station. Assuming the identity of Ampata, the princess learns about the modern world - and she and Xander fall for each other, to Willow's chagrin. As Xander and Ampata slow dance at the Bronze, Buffy and Giles realise that the exchange student is an impostor.

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