What's My Line I

It's Career Week at Sunnydale High School, which just drives home to Buffy that she can't possible have a normal life. She proceeds to mope for some time, leading Angel to invite her to a skating rink. It cheers her up - right until she is attacked by a huge biker-dude type who is wearing a ring that identifies him as part of the Order of Taraka, a group of supernatural assassins. Three have been sent after Buffy by Spike, who doesn't want want any distractions from curing Drusilla. The method for doing so is in the Du Lac manuscript that had been stolen from the Sunnydale High library, which Spike eventually translates. Angel's attempt to find out what's going on is interrupted by a woman who attacks him and locks him in a cage until sunup. The same woman then attacks Buffy who has taken refuge from the assassins in Angel's empty apartment, and identifies herself as Kendra the vampire Slayer.

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