What's My Line II

Kendra and Buffy call a truce and realise that the former truly is a Slayer. When one Slayer dies, another is activated, and Buffy did die, however briefly. To Buffy's chagrin, Kendra seems more dedicate, more studious, and seems to get along better with Giles - but she also has no life to speak of, and is long on duty but short on passion.

Meanwhile, Angel has been rescued from his cage by the slimy bartender, Willy, who hands him over to Spike. the two other Taraka assassins attack, one going after Xander and Cordelia at Buffy's house, the other shooting at Buffy in school.

As the Slayerettes figure out for themselves, the ritual to restore Drusilla to full health requires the presence of her sire - Angel. Brutal questioning of Willy by the two Slayers reveals the location of the church whee the ceremony will be performed, and they attack. Buffy manages to end the ceremony before Angel is drained of all life, then literally drops a church organ on Spike's head while the church burns around them. With the bad guys defeated and Angel saved, Kendra heads back home. But Drusilla has survived the church burning and rescued Spike - and she's stronger than ever...

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