On the morning before her seventeenth birthday, Buffy has a dream that Drusilla is still alive and that she will kill Angel. This worries Buffy and the Slayerettes, but does not deter the latter from planning a surprise party for Buffy at the Bronze the following night. Meanwhile, a wheelchair-bound Spike and a restored Drusilla are planning to reconstruct the Judge, a creature whose purpose is to literally burn the humanity out of mankind, leaving only the evil to survive.

Though it cannot be killed by any forged weapon, it was once dismemebered, the parts spread to the four corners of the Earth - but now, being brought to Sunnydale. Buffy intercepts the delivery of an arm, and jenny and Angel agree that Angel should take it somewhere far away - a journey that would take months.

Buffy is reluctant to part with Angel, but as they kiss and say goodbye at the docks, vampires attack and retake the arm. Angel and Buffy brave the factory to try and stop them, but the Judge is already assembled, and the pair barely escape with their lives. They return to Angel's apartment and find refuge in each others' arms, making love for the first time. But afterward, Angel feels strange...

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