Angel's soul is again lost, and he has reverted to the same old vampire he was prior to the Romany curse. Spike and Drusilla are thrilled to find their old friend back in the saddle, nd invite him to join them in destroying the world with the Judge.

When Buffy finally finds Angel, he is standoffish and dismissive of her feelings. Then he attacks Willow at the school, though Xander and Buffy manage to drive him off. Jenny, under pressure from Buffy, reveals that she knew about the curse, that is was removed and that she had been sent to Sunndyale to keep an eye on Angel. She takes Buffy to her uncle, but Angel has gotten there first and killed him. Xander, meanwhile, comes up with a plan: to use a missile launcher, a weapon that is made, not forged, against the Judge. it works, but Buffy finds it impossible to kill Angel when she confronts him.

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