Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

It's Valentine's day, and all is not well. Giles is concerned for Buffy, given Angel's past history of tormenting people on this particular holiday, and Cordelia has noticed a downsurge in her own popularity since her relationship with Xander went public. As Angel leaves a box of roses for Buffy with a note saying 'Soon', Cordy breaks up with Xander just after he gives her a gorgeous silver locket as a Valentine's Day present. Now the laughingstock of the entire school, a heartbroken Xander turns to Amy - who has decided to take on her mother's calling of witchcraft - for a lovespell that would make Cordelia love him and allow him to down her, giving her a taste of the humiliation he's enduring. The spell backfires and instead makes every woman in Sunnydale except Cordelia fall for Xander. This leads to fierce jealousy and mob rage, as the entire population of Sunnydale - including Drusilla and Joyce Summers - tries to kill both Xander (for not loving them) and Cordelia (for breaking his heart). With Giles' help, Amy reverses and things revert to something resembling normal.

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