Buffy wakes up to find a charcoal drawing of herself sleeping left on her bed by Angel, and Willow finds her fish dead in an envelope in her bedroom. At the behest, Giles searches for a spell that will uninvite the vampire from the Summers and Rosenberg residences. The spells comes from Jenny, meant as a reconciliation gesture. Angel, meanwhile, plays the stalking ex-boyfriend role on Joyce, complete with the fact that they made love, which leads to a rather difficult conversation between Joyce and her daughter.

Meanwhile, Jenny is working to try and translate the spell that would return Angel's soul to him. Late one night, she finally does so, saving the file to a disk and printing it out. However, Angel has learned of this project, thanks to a prophetic vision from Drusilla, and destroys Jenny's computer and the printout, and brutally kills Jenny. He then places the body in Giles' bedroom, setting up the place with champagne and flowers, making it all the more devastating when he finds the corpse. The move backfires rather spectacularly as Giles firebombs the factory and manages to do some serious damage to Angel before the vampire gets the upper hand. Luckily, Buffy shows up and proceeds to pound Angel, though she is forced to cut it short to save Giles from the fire.

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