Becoming I

The construction of a new housing project unearthed the sarcophagus of Acathla, a demon that was turned to stone by a knight. Angel makes off with the sarcophagus and wishes to use the demon to bring Hell on Earth, destroying everything. Meanwhile, Buffy and Willow discover the backup disk that Jenny had made with the translation of the spell to restore Angel's soul. Though Xander thinks recursing Angel is a mistake and Giles thinks Willow isn't ready to channel that kind of magic, Willow prepares to cast the spell.

Kendra reappears with the sword blessed by the knight who imprisoned Acathla, and a warning from her Watcher that something awful is about to happen. Angel's first attempt to make something awful happen fails, so he lures Buffy away from the library so that Drusilla can lead a raiding party to kidnap Giles. That raid leaves Willow comatose with a nasty head injury, Xander with a broken wrist, Giles kidnapped and Kendra slaughtered. Buffy returns to the library just in time for Kendra's dying breath - and the arrival of the cops, accusing her of the murder.

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