Becoming II

Buffy runs from the cops before they can mistakenly arrest her for Kendra's murder. She later goes to the hospital to learn that Xander's arm is broken but fine and Willow's still in a coma. Whistler shows up and tells Buffy she has to know how to use the sword, but his importuning falls on frustrated ears. Spike then approaches Buffy with a proposal: a temporary alliance against Angel in exchange for Spike and Drusilla's being allowed to leave Sunnydale. Reluctantly, Buffy agrees. Meanwhile, Willow awakens from her coma and insists on trying to cast the spell again, and Angel is physically torturing Giles for information on how to awaken Acathla, which the librarian is handily resisting. However, Giles breaks when Drusilla creates the illusions of Jenny Calendar in his mind. angel learns that his blood must be used to open the portal to Hell - and as Buffy learns from Whistler, only Angel's blood can subsequently close it. She goes to the mansion, determined to free Giles and kill Angel, and unaware - through Xander's omission - that Willow is attempting the ritual again. With Spike's help, she does fairly well, but Angel manages to open the portal anyhow. When the curse takes effect and Angel's soul is restored, Buffy realises that she has to impale the man she loves and send him to Hell in order to close the gate. She does so, and then departs from Sunnydale on a bus, leaving only a note for her mother.

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