Buffy vs. Dracula

The season opener begins with Buffy unable to sleep. She patrols the cemetary, stakes a vamp, and returns to bed. The next day Buffy, Riley and the gang relax at the beach, but must seek shelter when Willow's magic goes haywire and brings a storm.

Two men carry a large crate to a mansion. The men both puny and stubborn drop the crate allowing it to break. A clawed hand pops out and attacks the two men.

Giles has Willow scan pages in books for useful resources. He announces that he will be going back to England because he thinks he is no longer needed in Sunnydale.

Buffy has dinner with her mother before heading out to patrol. She then comes face to face with Dracula and says "Huh?" She then tries to stake him but he disappears. Her two best buds, Will and Xander, show up before Dracula turns into a bat and flies away. The three then chat about the legendary vampire, the girls mostly complimenting him and the guys...mostly giving dirty looks of pure jealousy. Willow also tries an attempt at showing the gang how useful Giles is, but fails.

While walking home, Xander is confronted by Dracula. Dracula soon persuades Xander's aid to lure the Slayer to him. Buffy also has a Dracula encounter when she wakes up in her room to find him standing there. Dracula manages to lure her to sink his teeth into her neck. When she wakes up, she finds the puncture marks and hides them with a scarf.

While chowing down on donuts, the gang thinks up a plan on how to attack Dracula. Buffy aburptly leaves forcing Riley to follow her. Riley demands she remove the scarf and finds the bite marks. Riley is shocked that Buffy was under Dracula's spell. Xander volunteers for buffy to stay safely at his place.

After Xander pushes the whining Anya into a closet, he takes Buffy to his "master." Buffy tries to stake Dracula once again but fails because of his lure.

Riley and Giles show up at the same castle to try and defeat Dracula. Xander tries to stop Riley, but Riley quickly knocks him out. Giles falls victim to the Three Sisters, basically vampire whores. He finds himself very, very distracted. Riley saves him, even though he might not wanted to be saved, and they go find Buffy.

Buffy takes a drink of Dracula's blood, but a flash of memories allows her to break his control over her. They fight for a bit when Buffy finally stakes him. Buffy then stakes him again when he tried to come back from the dust. Xander also admits he "doesn't want to be anyone's butt monkey."

Buffy talks to Giles about him becoming her watcher again. Giles is pleased he might be useful again. Buffy goes home to tell her mom she's going out with Riley. Joyce then tells buffy that she should take her sister if she's going out.

Summary by Bree

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