The Real Me

Throughout this episode Dawn narrates by writing in her Journal. In the beginning of this episode we find Buffy training with Giles and some crystals. Dawn knocks over the crystals, which disturb Buffy's concentration while performing a handstand.

Buffy and Giles chat about books in the front seat of his new car while Dawn and Willow get friendly in the backseat. The arrive at the Magic Shop to find the owner dead. Buffy sends Dawn outside where a homeless man tells her she doesn't belong here. Tara shows up next to dawn and they talk for a bit.

Back inside the Magic Shop the trio realize the owner was killed by vampires. Giles comments on the shops potential. We find out that Harmony sent her minions to raid the shop.

When Buffy gets back home with Dawn, Joyce yells at Buffy for allowing Dawn to see a dead body. Dawn also needs a babysitter, which Xander is happily to accept doing. Dawn is thrilled until Anya comes over.

Tara and Willow talk about Dawn and how she is an outsider to the gang. Back at the Summers' residence, Harmony shows up and tries to lure Buffy to her. But she is disappointed to find her not home. Xander taunts Harmony through an open door, and Dawn accidently invites them in. Harmony and Xander sort of fight before Xander kicks her out. Buffy comes home and yells at dawn.

Harmony and her minions run into Spike in the graveyard. Buffy tells Xander and Riley what a pain Dawn has been. Dawn over-hears Buffy saying all of this and runs outside with tears streaming down her face. Anya tries to get her back inside, but Harmony's minions capture her.

Buffy takes off to Spike's Crypt in search of her sister. Harmony confesses to Dawn all of her problems. Buffy kills all of Harmony's minions and Harmony manages to run away. When they get back home together the promise not to tell their mom. The next day Buffy talks with Giles about the future of the Magic Shop. And Dawn, still writing in her journal, will show Buffy she is not a nobody.

Summary by Bree

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