The Replacement

Buffy and Riley and Xander and Anya make a sort of double date in Xander's basement. They hear all the crashing and fighting of Xander's parents going on upstairs. The next day the group set out to look for an Apartment for Xander and Anya. Anya gets fussy when Xander doesn't think he can afford the apartment. That same day Giles gets a visit from the demon Toth, who is looking for the slayer.

The gang checks out a dump area for the demon. The demon hits Xander with a light from the rod and knocks him into a pile of trash. He gets up and walks back to the gang, but we see another Xander still lying there.

The next day we see the lying-in-the-trash-Xander get up and head for the apartment where he spots his double. The new Xander is very ambitious and a hard-worker. The regular, unconfidant Xander watches the new Xander take over his life. He runs to Willow for help, who gets her on his Xander side. The weak Xander crashes a date between the double and Anya. Both Xanders think each is a demon and the weak Xander pulls out a hand gun.

Buffy tries to convince the Xanders not to kill each other and tells them their situation. The Toth demon shows up at the apartment and Buffy and Riley kill him. Willow performs a spell to bring the two Xanders back as one. While moving in to the new apartment, Riley confesses to Xander that he really loves Buffy, but she does not.

Summary by Bree

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