Out Of My Mind

At the cemetary, Buffy finds unwanted help from Riley and Spike while fighting fresh vampires. Riley shows a new enthusiasm and strength for fighting. Spike swears he tastes Buffy's blood, but as he walks off he falls into an open grave.

Buffy arrives at the Magic shop to see that the backroom has been transformed into a training room. Harmony seeks Spike and begs for him to help her. The both team up to kill the Slayer. While Joyce is making breakfast for Dawn, she questions who Dawn is and collapses to the floor.

At the Hospital, the doctors do not know what has made Joyce collapse. While Dawn is playing with a stethoscope she listens to Riley's heart, which is very fast. The doctors inform him that he must stay overnight in case of a heart attack. Buffy tries to help Riley by talking with Graham.

Buffy takes it upon herself to get Riley and special doctor. Buffy tells Spike the information about the doctor, hoping he would find Riley and pass it on. But Spike has other plans. Harmony and Spike seek the doctor to remove the chip from his head.

Buffy finds Riley in the Initiative cave, punching on some rock. He admits that he won't be strong enough for her once the doctor operates. Buffy finally manages to get Riley medical attention and they rush off to see the doctor. Right as the doctor is sewing up Spike's head, Buffy and Riley enter and a fight breaks out. When Spike tries to bite the slayer, he finds out that the doctor pretended to remove the chip.

The doctor is able to operate on Riley and make him better. Graham tells him he no longer has a mission in Sunnydale. Buffy shows up at Spike's Crypt, ready to stake him once and for all. Spike allows her by pushing out his chest. The two glare at each other before kissing passionately. Spike awakens, denying the dream was real.

Summary by Bree

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