Bargaining I

Things start off with a bang, as the Buffy-less Scooby Gang pursues two vampires in the Graveyard. Willow stands on top of a crypt and uses her telepathy to communicate with them. Spike dusts a Sumo-vamp by lighting him on fire and the Buffybot dusts the random vampire by lunging into him. The next day, we join Willow, Tara, Dawn, Xander and the Buffybot at Buffy's house. Willow assures everyone that although the Buffybot is malfunctioning, that she will fix it. Apparently, the Buffybot must face her most dangerous challenge: Parent/Teacher Day at Dawn's school.

At the Magic Box, a fight ensues between Anya and Giles. Anya wants Giles to get on with his life, leaving her the Magic Box. After a quick slap-battle between the two, Xander breaks it up and barks at Anya for acting so immature. During a quiet moment between Anya and Xander, the two discuss their engagement.

Across town, the Buffybot's secret is revealed to a Shempy Vamp when the blood rat smashes a bottle across her face, showing her circuitry. Realizing that she is a robot, the vampire escapes.

The gang meets at Xander's apartment and discusses the resurrection of Buffy with the Urn of Osiris. Willow informs the group that Buffy can be resurrected because she didn't die a natural death.

Far from Sunnydale at a biker bar, the Shempy Vamp is whooping it up with a gang of demons named The Hellions. The vamp tells everyone about his discovery that the Slayer was a robot. To his surprise, the demon gang doesn't believe him. However, the vampire insists. Almost immediately, the demon drags the vampire to his boss, Razor. After pleading his case about Hellmouth being ripe for destruction, the Shempy Vamp is dusted by the gang leader, Razor.

Meanwhile, Willow is in the woods concocting her spell to raise Buffy from the dead. In a surprising turn of events, Willow draws a fawn from the woods and kills it. After draining the fawn's blood, Willow meets Xander, Tara and Anya at the Magic Box. Surprisingly, we find out that Giles has departed for England.

Unbeknownst to him, Giles is met at the airport by Willow, Xander, Tara, Anya and Dawn. The gang bids him farewell with gifts. As they hold back their tears, Giles boards his plane, knowing nothing of the planned resurrection.

At night, the gang gathers around Buffy's grave to bring the Slayer back from the dead. Cuts manifest on Willow's arms as a snake dispels itself from her mouth. Suddenly, the gang is attacked by the Hellions, who are led to the graveyard by the damaged Buffybot. As a fight commences between the Scooby Gang and the Hellions, Buffy's eyes open from inside of her grave.

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