Bargaining II

Things come back into focus as the Buffybot tries her hardest to fight off the Hellions and the Scoobie Gang retreats from their mission to raise Buffy from the dead. Fearing for their lives, the gang splits up as Xander carries the drained Willow while Tara and Anya head in a different direction. In a questionable decision, the gang decides to leave Buffy's grave. At this point they think that their attempt to bring their leader back to life was unsuccessful. However, inside the Slayer's grave, our hero begins to thrash around, confused.

As Xander, Willow, Anya and Tara hide from the Hellions in the woods, Spike attempts to protect Dawn from The Hellions, who are trashing Sunnydale. Knowing that a gang of nasties like The Hellions would never attempt an attack on Sunnydale if they knew that The Slayer was still protecting it, Spike and Dawn come to the conclusion that the word is out about Buffy's death.

Meanwhile, back at Buffy's gravesite, the Slayer's hand launches itself through the ground. Seconds later, Buffy pulls herself to her feet. She is a bloody and dirty mess. However, nothing can prepare her for what she sees next: her own gravestone. As havoc runs amuck in Sunnydale, the confused Slayer walks around in a daze. Meanwhile, Tara manages to send a mystical flare for Xander and Willow to follow back to the Magic Box.

Spike continues to protect Dawn from the fear that has absorbed Sunnydale. At one point, Spike throws Dawn a football helmet as he dismantles a Hellion from his motorcycle. Realizing that they no longer have a functioning Buffybot, the rest of the gang decide to go and find Dawn and Spike.

In what must be another shock to her system, the resurrected Slayer watches from a distance as The Hellions pull apart the Buffybot with chains hooked onto their motorcycles. Unfortunately, Buffy screams and the demon gang begins chasing her. Suddenly, Buffy comes face-to-face with Xander, Willow, Anya and Tara. At first they think that the Slayer is the Buffybot, but quickly realize that she is the real McCoy. After they back the frightened Slayer into a corner, the Scoobies find themselves lured into a Hellion trap. Razor and six other demons attack and are almost immediately engaged in a brawl with the Scoobies and Buffy, whose fighting instincts seem to slowly be coming back to her. After Buffy shreds most of the Hellions, she runs away from the battle. In a climactic ending, the overwhelming power of Razor is brought to his knees as Tara plunges Xander’s battle-ax into the creature's back.

Buffy, still not fully in tune with reality, stands on what is left of Glory's ritual structure. As she contemplates reliving her tragic death, Dawn finds her. Unfortunately for the Slayer and her little sister, the structure begins to topple. Somehow finding clarity through Dawn's voice, Buffy saves the two by sliding to the ground on a steel cable. Glory's tower slams to the ground. We are left with Dawn hugging her confused, almost lifeless, sister.

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