A new chapter in the Slayer's tale unfolds as Buffy unsuccessfully attempts to fix her plumbing. Fortunately, Xander's friend, Tito, fixes the basement with an expensive copper re-pipe. The problem: Buff is broke. Trying to help, Anya suggests that Buffy charge people for her Slayer duties. After being shot down, Anya fights with Xander about their engagement.

Attempting to get loot, Buffy applies for a loan. However, the loan officer, Mr. Savitsky, tells her that she can't get a loan without any income. Just then, a giant demon barnstorms the bank, throwing customers around like junk bonds. Behind the teller counter, three mysterious sets of hands clean the place out. Buffy and the demon duke it out until the demon retreats after the Buffster delivers a solid barrage of punches.

After the brawl, Buffy joins Willow at the Magic Box. Angered, Buff tells Willow that she couldn't get a loan. Across town, the demon bursts in on the secret lair of Andrew, Jonathan and Warren: a crew of chest pounding "super villains" who robbed the bank. As the three clowns discuss their plans for the future, the demon threatens them. He wants the Slayer dead.

In a showdown, Giles condemns Willow for using her magic to bring Buffy back from the grave. Back in the house, the M'Fashnik Demon crushes down the door. Inside, Giles and Dawn fight the monster unsuccessfully. However, Buffy and Spike enter to beat the demon's ass. However, Buffy doesn't want the house trashed and is careful. With Spike's help, she manages to grab the baddie and get him in the basement. Unfortunately, the demon busts one of Buffy's new copper pipes. Furious, Buffy drowns the demon in the flooded basement.

The hellish day comes to a conclusion with a call from an old friend…Angel.

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