Life Serial

When Buffy returns from her visit with Angel, packin' a bucket o' chicken, she finds the Scoobs finishing up their dinner. After the Slayer declines to talk about her visit, Giles suggests another topic: what is Buffy going to do with her life? After a brief discussion, she decides to go back to school with Willow.

The next day, we join our new foes, Warren, Jonathan and Andrew, working on their high-tech Super Van. They are plotting an offensive against Buffy.

At UC Sunnydale, Buffy returns to class with Willow. After class, Warren bumps Buffy in the hallway and places a tiny device on her back. Soon thereafter, the Buffster begins experiencing a time-lapse during the day causing her to freak out and miss class. Luckily, after throwing herself under a table to take cover from the sped up world around her, the Slayer finds the device. However, the Crime Lords destroy the chip before she can investigate.

What could be better for Buffy than using her Slayer strength on a construction site? Not long after she starts her day, though, Andrew concocts a spell that makes three demons appear at the site. After an intense battle, she manages to melt the demons. At Xander’s request, Buffy hands over her hardhat.

Construction bad. So, Buffy tries her hands at retail, working at the Magic Box. However, Jonathan crafts a spell that creates a time loop that won't end unless Buffy satisfies a customer. To make things worse, a Mummy's Hand attacks her every time the loop repeats. Frustrated, Buffy slams her nametag on the counter and bails.

After getting drunk in Spike's crypt that night, Buffy and the vamp decide to hit a demon bar for info on Buffy's bad week. Outside, Buffy notices the Super Van. Before she busts the Crime Lords, a demonized Warren jumps out to fight. Buffy kicks his ass and the nerdy trio runs for the hills. From inside the escaping van, the foes believe that they have the upper hand on the Slayer as they watch cable porn.

Later, at Buffy's house, Giles and Buffy discuss the week's events. Giles hands the Slayer a check to help her out and Buffy feels she is lucky, knowing that he is always going to be there. Giles's face, however, tells a different story.

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