The day begins at Buffy's house as Dawn and Tara wake up on the couch to find nobody else home. Across town, Spike and Buffy wake up after a passionate night together. Although horrified by what she's done, the sexual tension between Slayer and vampire heats up and they kiss.
Back at home, Tara is making breakfast for Dawn when Amy and Willow return from their night of antics. Things are uncomfortable between Tara and Willow, especially since Willow was out with another girl. Just as Tara is leaving, Buffy enters the house in true walk-of-shame fashion. Buffy and Willow, both beat from the previous night, hit the sack.

Later at the Magic Box, Buffy, Xander and Anya research demons, still trying to get a lead on what froze the security guard at the museum. The gang seems worried about Willow, but Buffy assures everyone that she's okay.

That night, Willow and Amy again hit the streets in search of mischief. Amy convinces Willow to accompany her to a hidden apartment to see a warlock named Rack, who deals in black market spells. Rack informs Willow that she can pay for his services by letting him take a little tour of her mind and magic. Later, we rejoin Willow, Amy, and Rack, who are wasted from the magic. In what seems like a matter of minutes, Willow transports to the Bronze, and then to the Magic Box, until she finally ends up on the floor at home at eleven the next morning.

The next evening, Buffy returns home from slaying when she hears a prowler upstairs. When she reaches Willow's room, she slams the intruder, Amy, against the wall. To Buffy's surprise, the trashed rat woman is stealing magic articles from Willow. Amy tells Buffy about Rack and how Willow is addicted to his services.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Willow are taking in the town. After getting Dawn a burger, the two head to the movies. Sidetracked by a conversation about Tara, Willow leads Dawn to Rack's place for a quick fix. Irresponsibly, Willow leaves Dawn in the shady waiting room of Rack's pad as she gets wasted. Her visions are a little more elaborate this time around, and a monster rips his way into her hallucination.

Down in Spike's lair, Buffy wakes up a groggy Spike. Concerned about Dawn after hearing Rack's name, Spike leaps out of bed to help. He knows Buffy can't find Rack's hideout by herself, because she isn't a witch or a big baddie.

Back at Rack's, Dawn is still waiting for Willow. At around 11 o'clock the witch finally appears. Agitated by Willow going back on her promise, Dawn leads Willow out of the dealer's joint. On the streets, we discover that the monster from Willow's hallucination is following them.

Buffy and Spike continue to fight while they look for Rack's place. Although Buffy would rather not have the bleached bloodsucker around, she has no choice.

Willow and Dawn are surprised when Mandraz, the creature from Willow's hallucinations, attacks them. Dawn lashes out, catching Mandraz off guard, and begins to run away. Willow follows and steals a car to escape. Messed up and frightened, Willow plows into a tree. Just when Mandraz is about to get his claws on Dawn, Buffy flies out of nowhere and begins pummeling him. Right then, Mandraz spontaneously combusts from a powerful spell conjured by Willow. Spike and Buffy run to Dawn's aid as Willow asks if she is okay. Unaffected by Willow's concern, Dawn slaps Willow, who falls to the ground, crying. As Spike leads Dawn to the hospital, an angry Buffy pulls Willow to her feet.

Later, at the Slayer's house, Willow explains her actions to Buffy, citing that she used to be a nerd and that magic gave her power. After a brief conversation, Willow promises to quit the spells. After some understanding is established between the two, we are left with Willow shaking.

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