As You Were

After a night shift of cleaning the grill at Doublemeat Palace, the Slayer is challenged by a Skanky Vamp. Whew! This Living Dead Guy is all grossed out by Buffy's greasy smell. She dusts him easily. Then sniffing herself, she's got to agree with the Skank's odor assessment.

Arriving home with burgers for dinner, Buffy is challenged again -- this time by Spike. When she refuses to let the horny bloodsucker in the house, Spike goes right for some outdoor booty. He and the Slayer lock lips, and Buffy discovers she's hungry for meat you can't get at the Palace. It's a disheveled but satisfied Buffy that greets Dawn, who decides she can't eat Doublemeat burgers one more night. Willow walks in, and notices suspicious grass stains on the back of Buffy's coat. With nothing but a boring night at home to look forward to, Buffy lets Dawn go out with Willow.

At the Bronze Anya and Xander discuss their upcoming wedding reception. Getting the seating arrangements right for all the invited demons is tough. Dawn's excited about finding date material at the reception, and Willow toys with the idea of calling up her ex Tara. Everybody's having fun -- but the Buffster.

Back at Doublemeat, Buffy gets a blast from her past. Ex-boyfriend Riley Finn is there and looking hot. He wants the Slayer's help tracking a Suvolte Demon. And speak of the Demon, as soon as Buffy and Riley bail on Doublemeat, one appears. In a ferocious fight the Slayer and her ex wound the thing, but it manages to escape. Buffy is excited by more than just the heat of battle. Dressed alike in black ops gear, Riley and Buffy rappel down a dam in pursuit of the Demon. When it lunges to kill Riley, Buffy leaps into action, tackling her ex to get him out of harm's way. They roll safely out of reach, only to be confronted by a raven-haired beauty. Her name is Sam. She asks Buffy what she's doing rolling around with her husband. But there's no time to talk now. The Demon lunges for a fresh attack. Buffy is pretty impressed with Sam's demon-fighting skills. But when Sam gets in trouble, it's up to the Slayer to end the fight by breaking the Demon's neck.

Unfortunately, these Demons breed fast. Even worse, they're being sold to foreign governments as weapons by a local black market merchant called "The Doctor." So Riley asks Willow to try a tracking spell to find the Suvolte nest. Fearing a return to her addiction, Willow nixes the Wicca. While Riley hunts "The Doctor," Buffy and Sam go out on patrol. Sam confesses that her husband took a long time getting over Buffy. She hopes the Slayer has finally hooked up with Mr. Right.

Wanting his help - and maybe just wanting him - Buffy goes to Spike's crypt. She needs him to help her find "The Doctor." She asks the horny bloodsucker if he loves her. He does. Several times. When Spike and Slayer wake up, they discover Buffy's ex looking down on them with a gun. Riley accuses Spike of being "The Doctor." When Spike denies it, Riley roughs the vamp up, then asks Buffy to leave with him. Horrified at getting caught with Spike, she goes with Riley. But on the way out, the two discover a room in Spike's crypt filled with Demon eggs. As a busted Spike starts to explain, the eggs start to hatch. Scores of slimy Suvolte demons attack. Buffy and Riley shoot at them, to no avail. Desperate, Buffy grabs Riley's weapons belt and tosses the entire string of grenades at the demons. They fry, shrieking.

Riley and Buffy talk about their past...about their mutual pleasure fighting demons...about why she's sleeping with the enemy. But Riley has to book. He's off on a new mission in Nepal with his wife. Buffy sees that Riley really loves Sam. This gives the Slayer the strength to make a decision, and she goes to Spike to tell him. Her relationship with the bleached bloodsucker is over. And that's final.

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