Demonic Teachers

Ever thought that your science teacher was from Mars? That your History teacher was actually 400 years old? Well on 'Buffy' that could actually be true! Some teachers are truly evil.

Natalie French

Function: Replacement Biology teacher.
Appearance: Tall, dark hair, seductive, sexy clothes / Giant praying mantis.
Also known as: Bug-woman, She-mantis.
Powers: 360 degrees head turn, strength, extra high pheromones.
Likes: insect sandwiches, young male virgins.
Dislikes: bat sonars, over-curious female students.
Appears: N/A
Intentions: bad: mate with male virgins to ensure offspring, then decapitate partner.
How to get rid of her: disorientate with bar sonar, then chop to bits.

Jenny Calendar,

possessed by demon Eyghon
Function: computer science teacher.
Appearance: human form makes eyes go black and shiny green. As the demon gains powers, cuts appear on the host's skin.
Also known as: The Sleepwalker.
Powers: strength, difficult to kill, since the demon escapes and leaves the host to die.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: Giles
Appears: During black magic sessions.
Intentions: Hunts down those who tried to kill him (Giles and his former friends)
How to get rid of it: Find a dead body possessed by a stronger demon (Angel)

The Biology Teacher

Function: Biology teacher.
Appearance: Male, glasses.
Also known as: N/A
Powers: None
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Appears: N/A
Intentions: Brainwashed by prehistoric demon Bezoar that lives in the school basement. He gives his students and assignment that involves taking care of an egg, that contains a baby bezoar that then brainwashes all the students.
How to get rid of him: Kill mummy bezoar.

Principal Snyder

Function: School principal
Appearance: male, short and ugly
Also known as: Führer
Powers: none
Likes: Order and discipline
Dislikes: Kids, especially Buffy & the gang
Appears: Whenever he can get the kids into trouble
Intentions: Transform SHS into a military boot camp. Kick Buffy out of school.
How to get rid of him: Feed him to Mayor monster.

PE Teacher

Function: Swim team coach
Appearance: Male, baseball cap.
Also known as: Coach.
Powers: None
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Appears: N/A
Intentions: Makes SHS's swim team the best even even if it means feeding them steroids and turning them into fish-monsters.
How to get rid of him: Feed him to his boys.

Professor Maggie Walsh

Function: Psychology teacher
Appearance: Female, short, white blouse.
Also known as: The evil bitch monster of death, one of the Initiative's top scientists.
Powers: None
Likes: Riley, whacked demon-human experiments.
Dislikes: Buffy
Appears: N/A
Intentions: Make a super soldier from various demon and human body parts.
How to get rid of her: Let her deal with her fucked up Frankenstein.

The Guidance counselor

Function: guidance counselor.
Appearance: Female, dark hair, blue stone pendant
Also known as: Halfrek, Hallie
Powers: Grants wishes, immortal, strength.
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: Child Abusers
Appears: When summoned
Intentions: Grant wishes of abused/unhappy children.
How to get rid of her: destroy her powercenter.