Icons Silly little squares
Vital Stats The 411 on the lady herself
Human Days Tales of a tormented catholic girl
A couple of Suckers Spike & Dru interviewed
Her little pet names Spike & Dru interviewed
Vampire Days Tales of an insane bloodsucker
Powers Not just your regular vamp...
Body Count Yum, pieces
Words of Wisdom Not just your regular vamp...
Quotes Insane ramblings
Closet Get the look
Visuals Oh, pretty pictures
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→ regular vampire powers: strentgh, immortal, swift, etc.
→ clairvoyant. Was gifted as a human, her powers developped after becoming a vampire, although the fact that she's crazy makes her visions a little difficult to decrypt!
→ can read minds, or at least sense people's feelings.
→ can hypnotise people - humans at least.
→ can read tarot cards