Icons Silly little squares
Vital Stats The 411 on the lady herself
Human Days Tales of a tormented catholic girl
A couple of Suckers Spike & Dru interviewed
Her little pet names Spike & Dru interviewed
Vampire Days Tales of an insane bloodsucker
Powers Not just your regular vamp...
Body Count Yum, pieces
Words of Wisdom Not just your regular vamp...
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Closet Get the look
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Vital Stats

Name: Drusilla
Appearance: Tall, brown hair, big brown eyes.
Born: Unknown, likely in the 1840's.
Turned: 1860, in London, England
Sire: Angelus
Childer: Spike, Sheila and Darla
Human occupation: Clairvoyant crazy nun
Current Occupation: Killing stuff somewhere
Closet: Still pretty much stuck in time. White nightdresses, black gothic dress, red velours and silk dress. Black lacy dress, red leather trousers, pink jumpers.
Specifics: Is totally crazy. Can read minds and forsee events to come. Always has perfectly manucured nails. Can kill in heels. Likes her men bad, even gooey.
Slayer Count: One, Kendra, in 1998.