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The Vampire Days

The vampire DrusillaNow a wildely insane vampire, Drusilla lives with Angelus and Darla. Extremely attached to her sire, she is very jealous of Darla, knowing that he is all about her. Darla herself wasn't overjoyed when Angelus turned Dru, she thought she would just be an amusement, not a live-in flatmate.

Dru: I'm full and warm - yet all alone.
Angelus: That's not true, precious. You've got us.
Dru: Not in the least. You won't even hurt me just a little bit.
Darla: All you have to do is ask.
Dru: No. His head's too full of you, grandmother.
Darla: Stop calling me that.

They travel around together, mostly in England. Twenty years after her turning, Drusilla really starts to feel lonely and Angelus suggests that she finds herself someone.

Angelus: Well, if you're lonely, Dru, why don't you make yourself a playmate?
Dru: I could, I could pick the wisest and bravest knight in all the land, and make him mine forever with a kiss.

As she speaks, she bumps into a young man crying, it's William. She sees something in him and follows him into a dark stable. She uses her powers to read into him and to mesmorise him as she bites him.

DRUSILLA: And I wonder... what possible catastrophe came crashing down from heaven and brought this dashing stranger to tears?
SPIKE: Nothing. I wish to be alone.
DRUSILLA: Oh, I see you. A man surrounded by fools who cannot see his strength, his vision, his glory. (beat) That and burning baby fish swimming all around your head.
SPIKE: That's quite close enough. I've heard tales of London pickpockets. You'll not be getting my purse, I tell you.
DRUSILLA: Don't need a purse.
DRUSILLA: Your wealth lies here... and here. In the spirit and... imagination. You walk in worlds the others can't begin to imagine.
SPIKE: Oh, yes! I mean, no. I mean... mother's expecting me.
DRUSILLA: I see what you want. Something glowing and glistening. Something... effulgent.
SPIKE: Effulgent.
DRUSILLA: Do you want it?
SPIKE: Oh, yes! God, yes.