Awww! You hit me! What are you... crazy! You cant' just go around hitting people. What, were you bred in a barn!
      - Glory, No Place Like Home.

Bearing a human appearance, Glory shows in Sunnydale in 'No Place Like Home' chasing a monk that stole her Key.Glory is in fact a Goddess from a Hell dimension. She ruled that dimension with two other Gods, but when she became more powerful, they leagued up together and sent her to our dimension. The only way for her to return home is to find the Key, a blob of mystical energy, that will allow her to open all dimensional portals.

But Glory cannot actually live in this dimension. She shares a body with a male human, Ben. When she weakens, she morphs into Ben, who takes over, but has no knowledge of what she was doing, for they do not share the same thoughts.
Glory is also wildly insane, and to keep her senses more or less together, she must 'feed' on humans, by sucking their sanity, resulting in numerous madmen appearing all over town.

Her powers

Glory is obviously very powerful, since she is a God, although living in Buffy's dimension reduces her powers greatly. She is nonetheless extremely strong - she can make a whole building collapse, simply by stamping her foot twice, and Buffy is no match for her, no one is.
She also has a good knowledge of witchcraft and various rituals, performing several herself, although she is helped by her minions.

Her minions

Glory disposes of a large count of demon minions, loyally devoted to her, prepared to die for her. They are quite short, have wrinkly, raw-looking skin, pointy ears and shabby black hair. They also keep Glory informed on Ben's activities and she uses them as messengers between Ben and her.

Her enemies

Glory has many enemies. First of all the brethren of monks, that successfully hide the Key from her for thousands of years. When she finds them, they use magic to protect it. But they are no real match for Glory and she most likely massacred them all.
Second come the Knights of Byzantium, a medieval army that vowed to destruct the Key, to prevent Glory from unleashing Hell. As Buffy protects the Key, they also become her enemies. The legions are composed of fanatics and ressembles more a sect than an actual army. They bear tattoos on their foreheads and come complete with coat of arms and sword.

Also known as

Glorificus, the Beast, the Abomination, Hellbitch.