Love Spells

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

It's Valentines Day and Xander has bought a beautiful heart-shaped pendant for Cordelia, but as he gives it to her, she breaks up with him, under her friends pressure.
The next day, the whole school knows about it and Cordelia reigns once more as queen. Furious, Xander tracks down Amy and forces her to perform a love spell to make Cordelia mad about him so that he can publicly ditch her while she is groveling at his feet.
But the spell fails and Cordelia couldn't care less about him. Xander is disappointed, but Amy offers to try again. He then runs into Buffy who starts brushing herself against him, over the moon, he soon realises in dismay that the whole female population of Sunnydale has a thing for him. Willow is particularly smitten, since she already loved him before the spells. Girls everywhere start fighting and attack Cordelia. Xander catches her and the two run off, chased by mobs of girls. They end up at Buffy's house and finally end up in her basement as the mob tries to get them.

Lovers Walk

Hoping to end their hidden relationship, Willow prepares a de-lusting spell for Xander and her, despite Xander's protestations. Willow doesn't have time to complete it because Spike crashes in and kidnaps them. He tries to forces Willow to cast a love spell on Drusilla, but finally changes his mind and tries to get her bad the 'hard way'.

Something Blue

A broken hearted Willow plays around with magic and Buffy and Spike fall in love and decided to get married.
They form a sickly glued together couple planning their wedding as Giles looks on, disgusted. But the love spell doesn't prevent them from constantly arguing.
When Willow breaks the spell, the two are utterly disgusted. Spike later ironises about it, but Buffy completely blocks it out.


Dawn has a crush on R.J. a SHS football player and her attitude seriously changes around him. Buffy confronts the boy about it, but just ends up getting smitten too. Xander figures out it's a love spell, but Anya and Willow also fall for R.J. The girls fight over him, and Dawn even decided to kill herself for him. Spike and Xander figure out that R.J.'s jacket is the key to his success. They rip it off him and burn it, breaking the spell.