Episode Summary

Passion is a heart-breaking episode of the second season of Buffy the vampire Slayer. Buffy is still thrown by Angel's turn, and must deal with him playing around and stalking her. He delights in torturing her by targetting her mother and willow, but soon finds a better prey. Drusilla has a vision in which she sees that Jenny is getting closer to curing Angel.
As Buffy gets back on speaking terms with Jenny and tries to help them back together, Jenny is secretly working on translating the ancient spell that gave Angel his soul. Giles and Jenny plan to meet later that evening as she claims to have some work to finish.

The translation complete, Jenny raises her eyes to see Angelus. She tries to escape and he chases her round the school, but easily catches up with her and snaps her neck. He takes the sadism one step further by placing her body in Giles' bed and putting together a romantic setup. When Giles finds her body he knows that Angelus is responsible and decides to take him down himself and burns the factory down. Buffy shows up but lets Angelus escape, saving Giles.