Raising The Dead

Some Assembly required

I'm an old-fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and women have the babies.

Once upon a time, there were two brothers. The oldest, Daryll, a jock, had it all: trophies, girls admiration. The youngest, Chris, has always lived in his shade. Shy and geeky, he's a science wiz and adores his big brother. When Daryll dies in a tragic accident, Chris and his friend Eric bring him back to life, only Frankenstein looking. Trapped in his mother's basement, Daryll pleads his brother to 'make' him a girlfriend. Chris and Eric dig up several bodies and put the girl together, only they need a 'fresh' head, meaning they will actually have to kill someone. Daryll chooses Cordelia.

Inca Mummy Girl

She was 16, like us. She was offered as a sacrifice and went to her death.

Several SHS students, including the gang, take part in a field trip to a local museum. Rodney, a student, takes a close look at a 500-year old Incan mummy. He tries to steal the seal and awakens the mummy. Draining the life of humans and killing them, she regains a young human form and poses as Buffy's exchange student. She tags along with the gang, especially Xander, until they discover who she is and put a stop to her killing, leaving her to decay and return to a mummified state.

The Dark Age

When Giles was Buffy's age, he refuses his destiny and messed around with the occult, crossing the line in black magic with several friends of his. One of them looses control and is possessed by a demon, Eyghon, the Sleepwalker. They end up having to kill their friend to get rid of the demon.
Twenty-five years later, the demon is back and killing all the people that tried to kill him. He eventually catches up with Giles and ends up possessing Jenny. Willow figures that the only way to kill the demon without killing Jenny, it to make it possess a body housing a stronger demon and she asks for Angel's help.

When she was bad

Unlike most vampires, the Master's bones remained after he was dusted. The gang buried them with Holy Water but his followers led by the Anointed One, manage to find them and prepare to bring him back to life. They kidnap those who witnessed his downfall (Giles, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia). The for must bleed to death over the Master's remains. Buffy, Angel and Xander put a stop to this and Buffy uses a sledge hammer to pound his bones to dust.

Dead Man's party

When Buffy comes back to Sunnydale, the gang organises a party at her home, but it's soon crashed by a gang of zombies after an african mask in Joyce's room, that would turn them into super zombies. One of them manages to get it and puts it on, flashing a blinding green light on anyone that comes near. Buffy fights it and finally kills it by shoving a spade in its eyes, killing all the zombies at the same time.


After Joyce's death, Dawn desperately wants to bring her mother back. She steals some books from Willow and Tara, despite their warnings and prepares the spell. Buffy realises what she's doing as Joyce, now a zombie approaches the house. Buffy pleads Dawn to stop and finally convinces her to break the spell just as Joyce arrives at the door.


Sure that Buffy is trapped in a Hell dimension, Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya prepare to bring her back. Since her death was caused by mystical energy, she will come back the same and not as a zombie. As they complete the ritual they are attacked by several biker demons and think they failed. As the demons take the town apart, Buffy comes back to life, in her coffin.


When Tara dies, Willow goes crazy. She tries to bring her back to life, but it fails, because her death was natural, caused by human means.