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I discovered Buffy in early season one, but only became a real die-hard fan from season two, watching every episode without fault. I was about 15 at the time and could really relate to the characters, espcially Willow. By the end of season two I was also taping every episode.
As season three started, I bought myself The Watcher's Guide vol I and got really into picking up every detail. At the time I'd just discovered the internet and personal websites. I soon realised that there were tons of fansite in addition to the awesome official wb site, I remember at the time it was remarkably well done for an official site, although sometimes a little behind of the current season.
I soon decided to work on my very first website, a Buffy website. It took months to put together, since I wanted a site with real content.
I signed up at geocities published the content there, without any graphics. It had a small episode guide by mostly focused on mythology and stuff like that. I called it 'I Only Have Eyes For You (IOHEFY)'. I had litterally no visitors. A few months went by and I designed a little layout. It wasn't awesome, but it wasn't too bad after all! I just cropped a pic of SMG - I remember it was from that Maybelline advert - pink and white. I also signed up at several Buffy directories (does anybody else remember lol) I also went around signing guestbooks and eventually my site got noticed. I didn't have huge traffic, but the people that came seemed pretty happy and commented on how intresting my content was. I realised that was what would make my site stand out. Now, most sites have myth sections, but at the time it was quite rare.

My site then moved to and at the time they were reliable and ad-less. The site continued to grow (I even made a french version of it too!). But then their servers crashed, leaving me homeless. In late 2000, I moved the site back to geocities temporarily as I bought my very first domain and gave it a comfy, reliable home there.

My design skills improved and the site grew a lot and I renamed it Slayer Web. A few months later I moved it to it's own domain hosted on doteasy. A year later, it went onto and the site was know as Buffy Web and Mythos. But that time the site was huge and was an enourmous amount of work. I updated nearly daily with info & pictures. I was getting 100,000 hits a month. But I fell seriously and was no longer able to take care of my sites. My real life friend Lea took over for me during that time, but this site was my baby and far too demanding. She kept it open as an archive but stopped updating it. It the disappeared when the domain ran out, but the files were still archived on my hard drive, so went I came back to the web, all well again, I brought it back to life under this current evolution.