The Fanged Four

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Appearance: shoulder length blonde hair, generally adapts pretty well to fashion.
Habitat: Darla likes to live as a human, above ground.
Also known as: She was called Darla, meaning the loved one, by the Master but cannot remember her human name.
Human occupation: Prostitute.
Turned: 1609, by the Master.
Current occupation: filling an ashtray.
Loves: The Master, Angelus.
Looking good: wrecking havoc in L.A. with Dru.
Looking bad: that catholic schoolgirl uniform.
Childe: Angelus.
Specifics: Dusted once by Angel in 'Angel', brought back, but human and then re-vamped by Drusilla. By some strange magic she winds up pregnant of Angel's child.


Appearance: Dark clothing, brooding looks.
Habitat: Once had an apartment in a basement, the lived in an abandoned factory, then a mansion and finally the Hyperion hotel.
Also known as: Angelus, Soul Boy, The Scourge of Europe.
Human occupation: spending his father's money, drinking and sleeping with girls.
Turned: 1753, by Darla.
Current occupation: Angel Investigations, P.I.
Loves: Darla, Drusilla, Buffy, Cordelia.
Looking good: when evil.
Looking bad: with that moustache *shudder*
Childe: Drusilla, Penn, Teresa.
Specifics: Has a soul. Lost it, but got it back again. Has a son, Connor.


Appearance: Peroxide blond hair, long leather duster, black jeans, black t-shirt, red shirt, army boots & black chipped nail polish.
Habitat: Adandoned factory, crypt.
Also known as: William the Bloody (bad poet), the Big Bad, Hostile 17, Roller Boy.
Human occupation: writing poetry.
Turned: 1880, by Drusilla.
Current occupation: training SIT's, being manipulated by the First, trying to get back with Buffy.
Loves: Cecily, Drusilla, Buffy.
Looking good: the smirk.
Looking bad: the khaki shorts and the flowery shirt.
Childe: N/A
Specifics: Got chipped. Got a soul. Watches Passions and Dawson's Creek.


Appearance: Long dark hair, long dresses, vacant wide-eyed look.
Habitat: Old factory, mansion.
Also known as: Dru, black goddess, princess.
Human occupation: nun.
Turned: 1860, by Angelus.
Current occupation: unknown, most likely killing things somewhere.
Loves: Angelus, Spike, various gooey demons.
Looking good: wrecking havoc in L.A. Looking bad: all weak.
Childe: Spike, Sheila.
Specifics: is clairvoyant and totally crazy. Talks to her dolls. Has killed a Slayer. Is still stuck in 1860.