Episode Guide

2.01 When She Was Bad
2.02 Some Assembly Required
2.03 School Hard
2.04 Reptile Boy
2.05 Inca Mummy Girl
2.06 Halloween
2.07 Lie To Me
2.08 The Dark Age
2.09 What's My Line, Part 1
2.10 What's My Line, Part 2
2.11 Ted
2.12 Bad Eggs
2.13 Surprise
2.14 Innocence
2.15 Phases
2.16 Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
2.17 Passion
2.18 Killed By Death
2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You
2.20 Go Fish
2.21 Becoming, Part 1
2.22 Becoming, Part 2


Xander and Cordelia are making out in Cordy's car when they are interrupted by the vicious attack of a werewolf. Giles is intrigued by the idea of a werewolf in Sunnydale - one of the classics - but intrigue turns to concern as he and Buffy encounter a hunter named Cain who wants to kill the werewolf for it's pelt, and then a Sunnydale High student named Teresa is found dead. As the Slayerettes try to figure out who the werewolf might be - Xander's theory that's it's Larry, one of the school jocks, turns out to be very erroneous - Willow tries to determine why Oz s acting so weird.

When she goes to his house to confront him, she finds him transforming into a werewolf. Buffy, Giles and Willow manage to bring the werewolf down and keep Cain from killing their friend.